Schedulebull API

Program Schedulebull allows connecting it with your webpage or any other system in order to improve and broaden their functionality 

Before start using our API, You need to request API key

Request API

Documentation is in a development stage and API options  will be expanded in future.
If You have questions or proposals for new API calls, contact us. We will be honored to answer your questions, invent new things into life and cooperate with you to create the perfect product.

All API requests are called through GET parameters, so You can easy test it through browser’s address bar.

If our API detect browser header, additional styles will be added for better visualisations.

All requests must be requested from the address with obligatory parameters key and q.
In exceptional cases, requests that are not related to company’s information (for example, images), could be done without api3.php but instead from index.php file or directly from, where REQUEST is the necessary request with parameter.

More specific information per modules:

Car Rental API Hotel API Transphere API Universal API Warehouse API