Hotel API

List of rooms
Available parameters:
     type : single, twin, lux, ... : rooms by type, without this parameter - all models will be returned including accessories.
     size : integer : count of berth in room
     order :  size,type,price : default ordering is by price, set this parameter to sort by another variable.

Required parameters:
Available parameters

Rooms free for rent in time period
Required parameters:
     from : datetime in format YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS : period start date and time
     till : datetime in format YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS : period end date and time
Available parameters:

Create reservation
Required parameters:
     rez_from_date : date in format YYYY-MM-DD : period start
     rez_from_time : time in format HH:MM:SS period start
     rez_to_date date in format YYYY-MM-DD  period end
     rez_to_time : time in format HH:MM:SS period end
     rez_client : client name and surname
     rez_telnr : client phone number
     rez_price : price per day
     rez_currency:  EUR, USD, etc : currency
     rez_room : room ID
Available parameters:
     priceIsFull : 0,1 if this parameter is set to 1 - parameter price will be taken as price per perod, not per day
     gender : male, female : gender
     email : email
     country : country
     address : client address
     reservedFrom : : reservation made from
     breakfast : int : breakfast count to all rental period
     rez_comment comment in free form. If comment first line is in format "email+space+[+language+]", for example " [en]", application will use it for integrated email sending in GUI.
     client_count: int : guest count for reservation in room