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Rental management software

Everything started with a car rental software that was made based on our knowledge from working in the car rental. Now we offer a wide range of rental/lease software - not only a specialised one for such fields as rentals, car service stations, hotels, hostels, transfer services, but also an universal one for different kinds of rentals.
Within previously mentioned software Schedulebull provides time and things (e.g. cars, rooms, equipment, etc.) management, possibility to create contracts and bills printouts, opportunity to create any kinds of reports, Schedulebull provides multilingual support, mobile application and possibility to connect it with Your software via API, and many other functions.


We never stop at our achievements and use the opportunities provided by latest technologies.
Even though our software is usable only in the Internet browser, it still contains a lot of technical solutions to combine possibilities of the Internet and power of the computer.
HTML5 and JavaScript technologies allows to synchronize data displayed on the screens among many computers almost instantly, in few milliseconds.
SSL certificate ensures safety of Your data from being intercepted even if You are on the other side of the Earth.
RAID is a technology used for copying hard drive that provides continuous operation for server even if half of the hard drive stops working.
Our servers has 2 independent Internet and 2 independent electricity lines. The last time electricity went off in a building where our servers are located was 30 years ago.
Making copies of all the files daily ensures they safety and that they can be restored if needed.

Other options

E-mail hosting with integrated e-mail browser.
API linked with Your web page - for a possibility to send rental objects and their prices to the page and also for creating a reservation, canceling it and to register a payment from the page.
FirstData and Paypal payment forms - so they could be easily connected with a web page and software.
Integrated CMS that eases making changes in the web page. Our made and maintained web page framework let us to create a web page quickly and easy on the basis of Schedulebull without thinking about complex technological aspects.
We can also offer to create a web page and audit it.