Vetclinic software

Take a rest and focus on planning not on routine job

By starting to use Schedulebull vetclinic software You will get more spare time to plan development leaving daily care in the hands of our software. Schedulebull will prepare contracts, estimates and bills, enumeraste customers and amounts of money, create various reports.
Since we offer our clients to store their photos or photos of their documents there is no need to scan and copy those photos, it is enough to use Your web camera and 2 mouse clicks to store photos in cloud from where You can access them at any time, any place where there is an Internet connection.
After starting to use our vet clinic software our clients spend 50% less time for customer service and 90% less time to prepare reports. Extensive report options gives an insight in all the activities in company and also gives an opportunity to track which works gives the highest incomes and which one the biggest losses. It is possible to view those incomes/losses in a period of time, by types and workers.
Do You need more information? Contact us or use demo access:
   username: vetclinic
   password: demo123