Schedulebull car rental management software

Time management

Keep all your upcoming and past bookings under Your fingertips. Know when car is available, who booked it.

Instanly see when the car need inspection or insurance.


Create bills and contracts instantly

Create bills and contracts without copy/paste in your office software. Print it directly from schedulebull car rental software or send as PDF to email with one button click.
Input client and car data just once and avoid hard paperwork. For existing customer in database You can print in 5 seconds.


Advanced price management

Pricing in car rental business is complicated - every season is different, rental prices vary and sometimes you need to modify price in the website just for one/two days, for instance when grand music festival is in your country. We have easy management tool for it - set pricing periods and offers to keep it smooth.


Send email with Your offer in 5 seconds

Got email from client and he asks for offer? Just open schedulebull, input pickup and return dates and get offer email istantly. Easy as that.



Know your fleet statistics

Don't bother other emploees to get statistics - know wich cars have positive profit, and wich ones have more costs than income. 


Security deposit registry

If customer don't have credit card You need to keep track of his security deposit and pay it back. To protect Yourself from bad raitings keep an eye on security deposit registry and pay deposit back.

This helps also understand how big amount of money from bank account must be transferred soon back to clients.


Start to work effecient

Take a rest and focus on plannit, not on routine job.

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By starting to use Schedulebull car rental software You will get more spare time to plan development leaving daily care in the hands of our software. Schedulebull will prepare contracts and bills, enumeraste customers and amounts of money, create various reports, application will tell You at what o'clock and where to pick up or deliver a car, when it's needed to pass Your vehicles inspection and buy a new insurance policy.
Since we offer our clients to store their photos or photos of their documents there is no need to scan and copy those photos, it is enough to use Your web camera and 2 mouse clicks to store photos in cloud from where You can access them at any time, any place where there is an Internet connection.
United database of "bad" car rental customers allows our clients exchange data and limit possible losses together. When You submit customers data those data are automatically compared with a database and if there is something wrong, software will give You an information about it and also will show You a contact information for a person who put Your customer in database.
After starting to use our car rental software our clients spend 50% less time for customer service and 90% less time to prepare reports. Extensive report options gives an insight in all the activities in company and also gives an opportunity to track which car gives the highest incomes and which one the biggest losses. It is possible to view those incomes/losses in a period of time or per kilometer.
A wide range of possibilities for price correction allows customers pay less for a longer period of renting a car and You can make campaigns for a centain period of time by reducing/increasing prices by percents or fixed price.
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